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Stop Promoting your Affiliate site ...

Your missing the main ingredient .

From: Edward L Wade

To: Friend

Promoting in traffic exchanges without the right kind of ingredients can mean disaster.

Why is this a disaster?

How long does your site take to load?
Seconds, Minutes, Hours?

Slow loading pages means your not getting the views that your are paying your hard
earned credits for.

Be sure you have a page that loads fast.
So how do your get a site that loads fast and promotes your site to the traffic exchanges?

I can bet that you know the answer and are just to lazy to do the right thing.
Hey I am lazy myself. That's why I decided to create a new tool for you to use.
There is no downloading. You just have to subscribe to our newletter and
agree to accept notices of new product releases.

No pain and you can unsubscribe at any time. To sweeten the deal I have thrown in
a free gift.

You have seen them when you surfed the traffic exchanges.

So why is it so hard to create one for yourself?

You may not know how to program in HTML. Although it doesn't take much experience
it can be time consuming to try learning. Time is something that seems like we
have little of anymore.

So if your still wondering then I will let you know.

But first have you decided that you would subscribe?
Maybe you are one of those that just need more...

Well here you go... (drumb roll please...)

I am going to offer you a LIFETIME membership to my Build A Splashtm service for
$6.95 $0.00

That's right you can now make those splash pages that you need to promote your
site in the traffic exchanges.

I have also discovered that you can create your own Greeting card, Announcement
page, and many other types of uses.

Even if you know how to create your own splash page you can benefit from this system.

To receive your free lifetime membership to Build A Splashtm just subscribe below.

Yes, Edward I agree to subscribe to your newsletter and pay the $0.00.

I understand that I can unsubscribe from your newsletter at anytime. I further understand that my email will not be used for spam or sold/rented to anyone else.

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